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Combantrin Chocolate Squares

Combantrin Chocolate Squares

Each Combantrin chocolate square contains pyrantel embonate equivalent to 100mg pyrantel and is used for the treatment of pinworm / threadworm. One packet of 24 Combantrin chocolate squares contains enough squares to treat approximately two adults and two children.

Side effects: Side effects with Combantrin chocolate squares are rare but can include nausea or vomiting. These are usually only short term but see your doctor if symptoms persist.

Other worms: Roundworm and hookworm infections can also be treated with Combantrin chocolate squares but you should seek medical advice before beginning treatment if you suspect that you have either of these worm infections because they are often difficult to diagnose.

Caution: You should not use Combantrin chocolate squares if you suffer from acute liver disease. If you are pregnant or wish to treat a child under 1 year of age then consult your doctor before beginning treatment. You should not take Combantrin adult strength tablets if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

Dosage: Adults and children should take one 100mg square for every 10kg of body weight (the equivalent of 10mg of pyrantel per 1 kg of weight). This should be taken as a single dose, with fluid, after food.

Approx. Age*Weight RangeNo. of Squares
Below 1 yearConsult your doctor
1-5 years10-25kg1-2
6-10 years26-45kg3-4
11-13 years46-56kg5
14-18 years57-70kg6
AdultsOver 70kg7
*Approx. Age is only a guide

Combantrin chocolate squares contain no gluten or artificial colours, to the equivalent to less than 0.3% W/W. The chocolate squares do contain lactose, sucrose and artificial flavours. The appearance of the chocolate squares may alter slightly with storage but this does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the product.

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